Eleven former Southern Cross facilities saved by millionaire

Posted on 27 July 2011

Eleven facilities for people paying for care which were run by Southern Cross have been saved by a Lothians care home operator.

Robert Kilgour, the multi-millionaire who runs three homes in Scotland, has stepped in to save the care homes, reports the Scotsman.

The businessman said that the 11 homes would all be kept open, meaning that the 800 staff will keep their jobs and those paying for care in the units' 500 beds will not be forced to move.

However, critics have said that this could see councils being left to deal with the care home provider's least profitable facilities.

"We're receiving a steady stream of enquiries from other landlords looking for help in ensuring a smooth transition away from the difficulties experienced by Southern Cross and I expect we'll be making further announcements about additional Scottish homes in the near future," said Mr Kilgour.

This comes after Laing and Buisson warned that more care home providers could follow in the steps of Southern Cross, leading to more turbulence for those paying for care.

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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