Dementia software could improve memory

Posted on 15 February 2011

New software for people with dementia could soon be in use to improve the lives of people paying for care in homes around the UK.

The British Journal of Healthcare Computing reports that Dementia Life's Digital Reminiscence Therapy Solutions uses media such as photos, videos and music to improve people's memories and communication skills.

Debbie Higgins, manager of Green Heys care home in Liverpool where the technology is already in use, said it can make a "remarkable" difference for people with dementia.

"The beauty of the reminiscence therapy software is that all our staff now have a communication tool that is dramatically different to anything they've ever used before," she told the publication.

The company will put its software on display at the upcoming Healthcare Innovation Expo at London Expo in March.

Recently, Professor Kevin Morgan from the University of Nottingham told the BBC that more needs to be done to improve our understanding of dementia.


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