Carers 'must consider their own health'

Posted on 14 September 2011

Carers looking after people with long term care plans must look after their own health, it has been emphasised.

Rosie Staal, author of What Shall We Do With Mother? How to Manage When Your Elderly Parent is Dependent On You, said that carers do "tremendously difficult" and "often thankless" work.

She said that while carers are focusing on improving the lives of those they are looking after, if the carer themselves is in poor health, then this puts the individual receiving care in jeopardy.

"To this end, I would recommend that sometimes carers should be a little bit selfish, for once giving priority to themselves and their own needs. Constantly being at the bottom of the pecking order is not good for the body - or the soul," warned Ms Staal.

This comes after new research from The Princess Royal Trust for Carers found that older carers often suffer from deteriorating health, have to cancel operations and worry about what would happen to the person they are looking after if they were not there.

Posted by Natalie Edwards



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