Cancer survivor population 'to increase'

Posted on 06 October 2011

The population of cancer survivors over the age of 65 is to increase substantially, research indicates, potentially driving up the number of individuals finding ways to pay for care.

Over the next decade, the population of cancer survivors over the age of 65 will rise by around 42 per cent in the US, according to research published in journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

Julia Rowland, of the National Cancer Institute, noted that as cancer is primarily a disease of aging, the increase in older people due to the baby boom generation means that there will be more cancer survivors over the age of 65.

"We can expect a dramatic increase in the number of older adults who are diagnosed with or carry a history of cancer," she said.

"We may be fortunate in that the aging population is healthier than in previous generations, and new technologies could allow for better communication and follow-up."

Posted by Nigel Murphy



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