Brunelcare housing scheme wins award

Posted on 22 February 2011

Waverley Gardens in Bishopsworth has been recognised with a national award for providing excellent long term care for older people.

The housing scheme, which is owned and operated by Brunelcare, was named the best extra care housing scheme at the National Housing for Older People Awards, the Bristol Evening Post reports.

In particular, the design of the building itself was praised for helping those with sight and mental impairments, with corridors painted different colours and outside paths laid out in a way that prevents people from getting lost.

"A number of our tenants will suffer from some form of dementia at some stage, and the building was designed by architects to compensate for that, as well as for sight loss," Brunelcare chief executive Helen Joy told the newspaper.

It follows reports in the News Shopper that construction has begun on a modern extra care housing scheme in Bromley.


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