A healthier diet may improve arthritic pain for those in long-term care

Posted on 22 February 2011

Arthritis sufferers paying for long term care that are struggling to manage their pain may benefit from making changes to their diet.

Eating plenty of green vegetables and avoiding fatty and sugary foods are some of the ways many people with rheumatoid arthritis can improve their tolerance of symptoms, according to the Wyndham Centre.

The pain relief specialist's director, Alison Wyndham, underlined the significance of dietary health for reducing joint pain, which can help to restore sleeping patterns too.

She noted: "There are certain foods that create inflammation in the body, such as sugar and processed food.

"Eating lots of green vegetables to make the body more alkaline as inflammation is less likely to survive in an alkaline medium. Cut out all caffeine drinks as they are stimulants."

Her comments follow recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, which suggested that a lack of sleep can further exacerbate pain symptoms.

The research found that poor sleep quality correlates with higher levels of depressive symptoms, which in turn are associated with increased sensitivity to pain.


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