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Care funding news

Posted on 31 March 2014
None of us likes to think about growing old and the prospect of no longer being able to look after ourselves. That’s why the majority of people only ever consider how to pay for care when they or a loved one come to need it.On average, you can expect... More »
Posted on 31 March 2014
The council care services relied upon by many elderly people will “inevitably suffer” from a multimillion-pound funding shortfall for the Government’s proposed Care Bill, a group of campaigners is warning.The alliance of care chiefs, charities and co... More »
Posted on 19 March 2014
If the time has come for you to move into a care home, you may have to sell your own home to be able to afford the fees. Naturally, this is a big consideration. That’s why a scheme called the 12-week property disregard was established to give people ... More »
Posted on 19 March 2014
When you move into a care home, you may be able to get help from your local council to pay for your accommodation if you don’t have enough savings or income. But if the home you want to live in is more expensive than the amount of funding you’re allo... More »
Posted on 19 March 2014
It’s often hard to accept the fact that our parents are ageing and might not be as fit and healthy as they once were. Broaching the subject of care with them isn’t easy, but it’s a conversation that you may need to have. If the time comes that they ... More »
Posted on 24 February 2014
Long-term care staff would be more easily recognised by dementia sufferers if they wore uniforms, according to most people questioned in a new survey.  More than half (57%) of the 1,000 adults polled want uniforms for staff working in care homes... More »
Posted on 17 February 2014
Government proposals to take the contribution a patient is likely to make to society into account when deciding whether to pay for new drugs has been dismissed by health experts, it has been reported. The Department of Health is said to have instruct... More »
Posted on 17 February 2014
A woman has succeeded in her legal fight to have her “home” disregarded when calculating her mother’s ability to pay care home charges. Glen Walford challenged Worcestershire County Council’s decision to reverse its original position over the house ... More »
Posted on 28 January 2014
The sums don't add up in a Government plan aimed at preventing an estimated 40,000 pensioners a year from selling their homes to fund their long-term care. That is the conclusion of a new report made for hundreds of local councils. It said the plan c... More »
Posted on 27 January 2014
Care homes which have repeatedly failed to pass inspections set by the independent watchdog have been allowed to continue operating, new figures show.Homes which have never met the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) remain open, with ... More »


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